1993 Tour de Corse – Integrale Brilliance

It’s enough to make you feel 20 years younger – blissful camerawork on an amazing event. Sainz in a ‘Grale really is rather special…


Noise and thunder – 1986 1000 Lakes

We love a bit of Jean Michel Jarre here at World Rally Fever. He is our number one composer of electric anthems and purveyor of city-sized concerts, which means his work is the perfect accompaniment to the might and majesty of Group B rally cars in their prime.

So enjoy these highlights from the 1986 1000 Lakes, with lots of Lancias and Peugeots, 6R4s but no Fords or Audis.

Quelle dommage, as Jean Michel would say.

Meeke-less in 2012? Fear not…

We’ve been feeling Meeke-less all year at WRF. Although 2012 anno domini has given us the Olympic Games, the Diamond Jubilee, the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari 250GTO and the everyday drama of RPatz and KStew it has been noticeably short of  Ulster-born all-surface rally heroes.

Fortunately, Citroën is on the case. Here’s a little look at what went on in Italy a couple of weeks back. It looks sunny and warm and, erm, very committed. Very committed indeed. We are pressing our virtual ‘Like’ button.

Ignore the first 30 seconds and then rock your socks off…

Lots going on… so here’s something special

We’ve got all sorts coming up on the European Rally Championship, Citroën’s customer car plans and the new generation of R5 cars.

But while that percolates through, take some time to enjoy Carlos Sainz in his prime at the wheel of a wedge-shape-but-oddly-sexy Toyota Celica in 1989.

If you’re pushed for time, just check out the first 45 seconds and take that little bit of car control to wherever you’re hurrying out to… any chore will seem much better, we guarantee.


WRC 1997 – 2012: a celebration

It’s always worth looking back before moving on…