Petter’s World

Petter Solberg is a hero at WRF. Very, very few top sportsmen – never mind world champions – devote as much time to the fans, to bringing them in to his world and pressing the flesh.

We once interviewed him in a toilet, as he was due out of service in about 40 seconds but wanted to finish what he was saying.

Petter loves rallying and he loves the fans who love rallying and, d’you know what? We love him right back for it.

He’s also brilliantly bonkers. Even for a rally driver. This is, after all, a man who explained one of his accidents with the phrase: “I had a very big fart, and suddenly I fucked off the road!”

While Seb Loeb’s rivals are gathering round to say that winning the title without him will be disappointing, we imagine that in Petter’s world the news is being taken in a somewhat different spirit.