HBS to film WRC in 2013

HBS filming at the World Cup 2010

HBS filming at the World Cup 2010

Swiss company HBS has been awarded the contract to film the 2013 WRC season by Red Bull Media House and Sportsman. Previously, HBS has focused on international football, including the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cup. It will continue working for FIFA in future including the 2014 World Cup.

Coverage for the WRC will include daily news edits and a 26-minute post-event highlight show of each rally, as well as a 52-minute show featuring all the highlights of the WRC season. The company will work in close collaboration with its Finnish technical partner Filmworks to bring the intense emotions of this exhilarating sport to TV viewers worldwide. HBS’ veteran producer Nick Atkins will lead a dedicated team tasked with the production and delivery of each event and will utilise’ on-board cameras, aerial coverage and sophisticated microphones’ according to the company press release.

At the time of writing it is understood that neither Red Bull or Sportsman has a signed agreement with the FIA to act as promoter for the 2013 WRC, but this detail aside (!) the basic facts seem to be that the format of the TV coverage will be little different to this year. Who will screen it and therefore who can view it is another matter entirely.


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