Hyundai busy in Frankfurt

The Polo-esque Hyundai i20 WRX

The Polo-esque Hyundai i20 in Frankfurt

There are rumblings in Germany as Hyundai starts to get its development programme of the i20 into gear.

At the launch of its new three-door i30 road car, Hyundai’s vice-president in Europe, Allan Rushforth, explained to Swiss magazine Blick that the Korean giant has targeted its Volkswagen equivalent with each new model in its range. The i20 supermini on which its new WRC car is based looks very similar to the Polo, and subsequently the first rolling hack of the rally car – dubbed i20 WRX – looks rather familiar as well.

After a period of relative quiet since the announcement of its i20 WRC programme at the Paris Motor Show in September, it was felt that something more had to be seen in Europe to convince us pesky Europeans that the programme was going ahead. More than a few doubts have been raised by the silence, and no further announcements were planned until the Geneva Motor Show in March. Thus the little demo in Frankfurt was tacked on to the i30 launch to keep all the sceptics at bay!

The new team base is currently being prepared ready for a year of development in 2013 and the first anticipated WRC outings to follow in 2014.


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