Entente not yet Cordiale

FIA president has drawn fire from WRC community

FIA president has drawn fire from WRC community

There is considerable rejoicing among the anti-Red Bull factions of the press today, with someone at the FIA letting slip that there is not, as yet, a signed document confirming the drinks company as promoter of the WRC.

It is clearly a busy time for Red Bull, having just clinched its third successive Formula One success and apparently preparing to host a revived Austrian Grand Prix in 2013 at the revamped and Red Bull-owned A1-Ring (formerly the grand old Österreichring).

As we reported last week, Red Bull mogul Dietrich Mateschitz last week stated that the promotion of the WRC was primarily about creating good programmes for the variety of online channels within his Red Bull Media House empire, and secondly about selling the WRC to global TV networks. It is also understood that there is some friction regarding image rights in the plans for the rebooted WRC in 2013.

With a month to go before the showcase event of the year in Monte Carlo, none of this is productive.


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