Red Bull on the Polos?

Red Bull = blue Polo

Red Bull = blue Polo

An image doing the rounds today, on the eve of tomorrow’s big reveal of the Volkswagen WRC squad, has the Polo drenched in vibrant blue paint and Red Bull logos.

It looks relatively pukka, rather than a fanboy photoshop job, but one has to wonder what M-Sport and Citroën will make of the situation if a new rival appears that is part-funded by the people promoting the series. They’ll have questions to answer from their sponsors and quite a few of their own if the 2013 season coverage goes:

‘The Red Bull VWs competed in the WRC this weekend, and some other cars turned up too’.

Red Bull has made an enormous success of its high octane sports sponsorships in the past 20 years, and of its huge number of event and series sponsorships too. As was shown by Felix Baumgartner and the Stratos parachute jump, there is global audience of billions prepared to watch Red Bull logos for hours on end so long as something spectacular happens.


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