Abu Dhabi Racing shows its colours

Gold! (As Spandau Ballet once said)

Gold! (as Spandau Ballet once said)

The new Red Bull-free livery for the DS3 WRCs of the Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team and its sister Abu Dhabi Citroën Total World Rally Team has been revealed in this rather tasteful mock-up revealed today. All the interested parties said some very fine words about it, and we at WRF think it looks very smart.

Quite why they didn’t photoshop the graffiti out of the background, and maybe put some cheering fans in the shot, is a moot point.

The question of whether Red Bull, as the WRC’s new promoter, will apply its branding to any of the other entries remains unanswered. The energy drink has long-standing ties with Volkswagen and has previously applied its blue and silver colours to a variety of the German group’s competition cars. Given that the point of all Red Bull’s sporting programmes is to sell the brand to sports fans, it would be unusual to say the least if it had chosen to invest in the WRC without any overt branding on the cars… although this might become a bone of contention for any other manufacturers and sponsors in the series.

Meanwhile Nasser Al-Attiyah’s Dakar buggies are well and truly Red Bull branded – unlike his Qatar-backed Fiesta WRC squad.

Nasser's monster buggy

Nasser’s monster buggy


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