Trending now: names with ‘u’ in them

Hot gossip today revolves around Kubica and Subaru. Fortunately, we found a photo of Kubica in a Subaru. Kinda symmetrical.

Rumour no.1: Robert Kubica will drive a MINI in the 2013 WRC

We say… why? He’s a magnet for sponsors and has a good relationship with Citroën. Why not run a DS3 RRC  in WRC2 for a year, get to grips on gravel and then think about the next step?

Rumur no.2: Subaru will not rejoin the WRC, but go to the WTCC

We say… well, this story has been run by Rallye Magazin in Germany with quotes attributed to a Subaru ‘source’. Put simply, Subaru doesn’t have a car in its current line-up to fit existing WRC regulations, and a move to R5 as the top class wouldn’t help. The WTCC seems like a waste of everyone’s time and effort, but if they’ve got to compete somewhere the FIA will surely welcome them back with open arms.


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