Dirty little secret 2

It’s as camp as one of Elton John’s birthday parties, as slender and nubile as Jabba the Hutt’s sister and more likely to break down than Kate Winslet during an acceptance speech. The Peugeot 307 CC is a car that looks as though part of it was designed to go backwards… the bodywork, mainly.

And yet.

You can forgive it many things when you see one lingering in the classifieds for week after week. Although, deep down, you know that the owner is praying that someone – anyone! – will at least come to test drive it (and that if anyone does so the roof doesn’t get stuck halfway down again), it’s calling to you, isn’t it?

Because while most people look at a 307 CC and wonder who on Earth wants a car specifically designed to turn the world into a roaring vortex of air above 30mph (assuming that the roof has retracted properly in the first place), you see something special in its soap bar styling. You see…


Don’t worry. You’re among friends here. Together at WRF you will find kinship and support to get you through the dark days. You filthy perv, you.


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