Go Compare!

With the countdown underway to the end of Sébastien Loeb’s time at the top of the WRC tree as a full-time world champion, let’s spare a thought for the man who has been at his side throughout: Daniel Elena.

Elena has become no less of an icon in many ways, having developed the unique style of creating and delivering pace notes in a way that has baffled many – and outpaced nearly all. The way in which Elena reads the road to Loeb was startlingly different: it has consistently given Loeb an advantage which saw him rise to stardom through a field that included the likes of Mäkinen, Sainz, McRae, Burns, Solberg, Märtin, Grönholm et al

So while we may miss the silky smooth skills of the man at the wheel, let us also raise a cheer for Daniel with his sing-song Monegasque tones that have guided the way to glory for almost a decade. With Loeb now aiming to go and race touring cars, we have to wonder what Daniel do now… oh no. Hold on…

Daniel Elena. Allegedly.


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