A dirty little secret

It’s not the sort of thing that you can say in polite company, but there’s just something about the Toyota Corolla, isn’t there?

You know how it is. You know that you shouldn’t. You know that you will be stigmatised, ostracised and possibly lobotomised. And yet while some people would look at the picture above and see the automotive equivalent of a Rich Tea biscuit that’s been left on the driveway for 14 years, what you see is…

Yes, that’s what you see, isn’t it?

At this moment there is no known cure. Corollaitis has been identified as a strain of infection that’s from a family of viral epidemics that includes Escortitis, Octaviitis and Lanceritis. The symptoms are that you see ugly, colourless cars the same way as other people, but they appear different. They draw your eye in the way that no Scaglietti-bodied coupe or sonorous V12 ever could.

It’s OK. We understand. We’re not judgemental here at WRF. Together we’ll work our way through this…


One thought on “A dirty little secret

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